Vina Sky

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Vina Sky biography

Vina Sky is a Vietnamese American actress and model. She started her pornstar journey in 2018and since then, she has been working with many top brands and studios.

Vina Sky is a phenomenal performer in the Adult Entertainment Industry. At first glance, people often doubt her, but her performance makes them admire her.

Vina Sky never expected to be in the porn industry, due to her academic progress being outstanding, she thought she would be a doctor or lawyer. She is an animal lover as she has an adorable and fluffy pet Molly.

After three years in the industry, she finally collaborated with fleshlight in launching sex toys. It was her long manifestation come true. Vina Sky is amongst the fastest rising stars in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Vina’s radiant sex appeal and charismatic personality helped her receive the crown of ” Cherry of the month” in February. An incredible mover with her contours body is taking the industry by storm. There is no doubt that Vina Sky was nominated as a female performer of the year in the 2022 XBIZ Awards. Her net worth is estimated at around $1-2 Million.

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